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Rick. S. Rana is the founding member of RICK RANA PERSONAL REAL ESTATE CORPORATION (and former owner of Skyline Mortgage & Loan Limited) and is widely regarded as one of the leading brokers in the real estate and mortgage industry in the Pacific Region of Canada. He has practised as a real estate mortgage specialist with a major bank, Independent mortgage broker and realtor on complex financial real estate matters for 25 years.

A lifetime resident of Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Mr. Rana received his Real Estate Trading Services, Rental Property Management and Mortgage Broker’s licence from the University of British Columbia in 1992. In private life, Mr. Rana is a businessman and has extensive experience in business management, multi family real estate construction, development and project marketing. Mr. Rana has acted as financial adviser on a nominal to a multi-million dollar range of residential and commercial property sales, mortgage investments and underwriting with private and institutional clients in Canada in the past 25 years.  Mr. Rana is a member of the FVRB Fraser Valley Real Estate Board of British Columbia, BCREA British Columbia Real Estate Association, CREA Canadian Real Estate Association and past member of the Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia.


Rick practices in the area of real estate trades and consulting in residential, multi family and commercial properties in Metro Vancouver British Columbia. Real estate property finance matters or other related matters are referred to a Vast network of major banks, mortgage brokers, appraisers, inspectors, accountants, lawyers and professionals that operate independently but are associates in the business network with Rick and the Rick Rana Real Estate Corporation, this means the client is in good hands and will receive the best services with the Rick Rana business network.   


A lifetime member of Metro Vancouver and experienced senior sales agent and financial advisor, Rick is a person that you would want to represent you if you are purchasing or selling or investing in any type of residential or commercial real estate in British Columbia. A passionate, experienced real estate property agent and consultant, Rick has intimate knowledge of the Metro Vancouver British Columbia area and a keen insight into the Canadian, U.S.A. and international markets.  

Rick thrives on meeting new people from all walks of life and providing client satisfaction higher than client expectations and interaction with fellow principals, agents and industry contacts and the sense of higher achievement while putting deals together. Rick likes to be continually challenged by complex deals and building relationships within the real estate sector. Rick has learned a long time ago that his success is not derived only from handling real estate financial matters, he is confident that through his compassion for real estate craft and dedication to his clients, he can position and guide people to a better financial future. His compassion to help people and a keen interest in real estate markets reflects through with positive energy and Real Professional Results in every single property transaction.  

Despite his busy schedule, Rick still finds time to give back to his community and is very passionate about volunteering his time and money to support numerous charities and causes.