SRS Panorama Realty

More than just a house.


Selling a house in any neighborhood can be difficult and can be confusing. Rick will personally speak with you about your options, and will help you clarify anything you are unsure about.


Rick will make sure the house you find, the condo you find or even the townhouse you find isn’t just a building. We want to find you a home, where you can raise a family, or live the best life possible. Let us help you find more than a building!


Stanley Park

Find beautiful places to exercise

Selling a house near a beautiful park increases your house’s selling price, but this small aspect is often overlooked by many realtors. Rick will ensure that your house is highlighted in the best way possible! Rick will find the little things that make your home special and make sure buyers are aware about them! Allow Rick to sell your home and get the best possible price on the market!


Bus Stations

The Perfect location

Do you want public transit close to your home? Or do you want to be in the center of the city? Rick will look for what you need and want, and provide you with the best possible location for your next home.



Spend time with your family

It is important to spend time outside with those you love, Rick will always make an effort to find what you need in your life to be close by. That way you can enjoy what this world has to offer. Give Rick a call today and let him help you find what you need and want!


Guildford Mall

making shopping easy to access

Is shopping a priority to you or someone in your family? Wanting to sell a home close to a shopping mall? Rick will help you find a new home in a beautiful location, and will highlight the surrounding areas that will increase the value of your home!


Find the perfect neighborhood for your family!


Every neighborhood is a little bit different and each family is a little bit different from each other, here at Rick Rana Real Estate we believe in offering you the perfect home that is designed to meet your needs.


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